How we use Enterprise Social Networks to drive transformation


Collaboration drives teamwork, innovation and increases productivity. That was my experience from using enterprise social networking tools to empower customers, partners and employees. Enterprise social collaboration tools are an important element of B2B transformation. In fact they have become enablers of customers' own digital transformation.

Internal enterprise social networking driving new benefits

Business leaders want a highly-engaged workforce that collaborates to achieve their business goals. Enterprise social networks help with that aim, and its technology have been on the rise in the workplace since 2011.

As stated by Gartner research report “the rise of Enterprise Social Media Networks in the workplace” that with more 2.3 billion users online, 70% of companies are projected to adopt enterprise social media networks by the end of 2017.

Referencing my experience in enterprise social networks, i have completely supported in transforming the way customers work by creating Intranet enterprise social networking communities to many line of businesses and teams that they use on a daily basis to collaborate and share their business updates, knowledge and even issues. I have built enterprise social networking communities where customers perform all kinds of content management and collaboration. I migrated all customers presentations, newsletters and other resources onto it, so that the customer staff can access that huge knowledge base no matter where they are. But it is not just a portal, it is used to gain champions and sponsors as well, and i always emphasize the social side of it too. For this i have included social events, challenges and more.

I also used the enterprise social networking intranet to foster innovation and ideas by assigning a “leader” to each community who is responsible for coming up with new ideas and then biannually we hand out awards to top communities participants. I even have titles for them, "ESN Lord or Queen!"

Taking internal benefits external

What works for us could be just as effective for our external customers. So i ask you the question, “Dear customers, if you are ready to go digital with us, know all the updates at your fingerprint and never miss a thing, then it is the time to use our ESN services and will make this happen for you! ”

Five years ago, i introduced the enterprise social networking extranet concept, an online community where we could keep customers up to date with the latest updates, user guides, links to product offerings and more. Enterprise social networks allow customers to be much more interactive.

I built new collaboration platform to keep in contact and collaborate with customers and other external parties. I have included a plug-in that integrates with Microsoft Office and allows people to use Outlook, Internet Explorer and other programs to receive updates and alerts.

With the ‘Create an Idea’ channel ,customers are encouraged to submit their own ideas which are assessed, voted on and then potentially developed.

Customers can log on and access all the latest press releases and news and watch video interviews with senior executives. All this and more is offered in a digital way that makes it accessible anytime, anywhere in the world! Because the biggest difference, thanks to enterprise social networks capabilities, all of this is a two-way channel and can take place in real time. It is not just a website or a portal – it is all now genuinely collaborative – it is a Community!

Bringing customers on board

What we want to achieve next is to continue raising awareness of these tools amongst customers. The collaborative nature of enterprise social networks makes any enterprise more productive, more flexible and better able to serve their customers.

Customers do not need to worry about platforms migration from old legacy products to the new digital communication platforms because ESN manages these activities from beginning -to-end. We have launched a dedicated community management expertise team that serves customers worldwide, solving any problems until the successful launch of the community. We also help customers increase the speed of adoption by giving them training and preparing digital user guides on how to use the community. We evaluate their old legacy products and their old adoption techniques, then propose a customized adoption methodology for how they can leverage enterprise social networks in their own day to day activities and, moreover, generate a solid ROI by decreasing escalation calls, increasing employees’ productivity, reducing their time to market, lowering knowledge management portal costs and maintenance efforts and much, much more!

Already more then 40 significant enterprise social networking communities have been launched "intranets and extranets" covering International.

If this sounds exciting to you and your company, and you are ready to take the next step forward to digital transformation then now is the time for ESN to make it happen for you!

Come enjoy our journey as much as we do.

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