Enterprise Social Business Digital Consulting

Enterprise social business digital consulting service includes a complete enterprise social business feasibility and adoption strategy for your company.


Enterprise Social Business Feasibility

Enterprise social business feasibility consists of 3 phases: Due Diligence, Baseline and Governance. Its purpose is to analyze and study enterprise vision, stakeholders, processes and provide a full opportunity report to support an enterprise in its digital transformation journey from old legacy communication portals to ESN.

Deliverables: Enterprise social business opportunity assessment report


Enterprise Social Business Adoption Strategy

Enterprise social business adoption strategy consists of 3 phases: Ecosystem Audit, Organizational Audit and Social Network Modelling. Its purpose is to assess digital social environment, define stakeholders activities/ work streams, mitigate gaps, finalize social business strategy and provide ESN vendors competitive intelligence & recommendations.

Deliverables: ESN adoption strategy assessment report, ESN vendors competitive intelligence & recommendations

Enterprise Social Networks Tailored Business Implementation


ESN tailored business implementation consists of 3 phases: Design, Build, Launch. Its purpose is to set business readiness plan, governance model, translate business use case to technical design prototype, implement community design, launch the community, provide customized training pack and community utilization reporting.

Enterprise Social Networks Training Academy

Enterprise Social Networks Business Value Selling Training

Training Agenda:

  • What is ESN "Enterprise Social Networking"?
  • ESN technology new disruptive innovation
  • ESN in the press!
  • ESN intranet & extranet communities profiles
  • ESN features
  • ESN benefits
  • Why ESN? (current sales & marketing challenges and solution)
  • ESN types per industry
  • ESN return on investment
  • ESN vendors
  • ESN live corporate examples


12 Credit Hours

Enterprise Social Networks Technical Adoption Strategy Execution Training

Training Agenda:

  • ESN business readiness plan
  • ESN governance model
  • How to measure community utilization
  • Difference between ESN intranet & extranet
  • ESN gamification
  • ESN adoption strategy enablement
  • How to measure ESN return on investment
  • How to drive business using ESN
  • ESN community animation techniques
  • ESN ideation
  • Live ESN community project


15 Credit Hours

Enterprise Social Networks Dedicated Community Management Support


ESN dedicated community management support to ensure the successful run operations of the community, make sure that community animation techniques and KPIs are met and support in the community successful adoption and active participation of users. We deliver engagement techniques to boost participation, quarterly adoption check on the community performance, reporting once there is an adoption issue and propose corrective actions to maximize our customers' adoption.