Most people are aware of public social media: non-private social networks used to connect different people for different purposes, examples include Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, which have proved to be the main source of revenue for C2C businesses. What about B2B & B2C enterprises? How they use the interactivity power of social media to increase their business revenue? What businesses may not know is that the social interactivity power of social networks can be used within a private, secure corporate environment tailored for enterprise business needed. These “company” networks are called enterprise social networks.

How Can Enterprise Social Networks Benefit My Business?


Common Features of Enterprise Social Networks


Enterprise Social Networking ROI


Does My Company Need Enterprise Social Networks?!

Your company definitely needs enterprise social networks if you would like to achieve one or more of the below purposes:

  •  Testing of innovative ways to connect with management, staff and customers/leads
  •  Enhancing employee or management collaboration
  •  Gathering staff feedback
  •  Providing data to individuals inside and outside an enterprise, empowering employees and promoting consumer loyalty
  •  Customizing brand strategy, visibility and support via social channels
  •  Crowd-sourcing new product development
  •  Launching campaigns or events traditionally handled by management